Basic information
Definition of menarche
the beginning of the menstrual function especially: the first menstrual period of an individual

Becoming the parent of a tween can often present new challenges, and managing how to positively explore menstruation and puberty is often one of them! Many parents did not have the greatest experience of this themselves, which only heightens the challenge. Well, fear not! This one hour workshop will arm you with all of the information you need to empower your daughters with the information they (and you!) need to navigate this season of their life, avoiding any cringey experiences.

This online workshop is for parents and carers of tween girls (aged 9-12) who would like to:

  • Feel confident in how to explore menstruation with their daughters, being given the language to use
  • Take a modern, proactive approach to explore women’s health
  • Breakdown facts and myths about puberty and menstruation
  • Support their daughters to have a positive experience with their periods

This session is delivered virtually and lasts 1hr, usually the cost of this online workshop is £12 but for bloss users, it will be free of charge.