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Virtual Coaching Session

My coaching sessions are designed to help you get closer to your desired goal through proactive change. These sessions are perfect for sharing what’s in your heart and addressing specific issues or challenges that you are struggling with.

You can expect to be met with compassion, understanding and gentle but effective challenge. Always keeping your best interest at heart, I can help you see through the fog and consider options that are aligned to your overall vision.

My calling is to help you release the past hurt and people pleasing, reframe negative thoughts and focus on your self esteem and self-worth so that you can confidently and freely step forward and get closer to the life that you so deserve.


Prior to the session:

Ahead of the session, you are required to fill in a questionnaire providing me with a brief overview of the area that you would like to focus on during our session. This allows us both to have a clear understanding of the matter needing to be resolved and also ensures that we have a common goal to work towards during our time together.

During our session:

During our session, we will talk about the issue at hand and explore the various options that are available to you. By the end of the session, you will be armed with a clear set of actions that will allow you to move forward confidently and positively.


What you’ll get/learn from this coaching session:

  • You will be able to share what’s in your heart without fear of being judged or dismissed, allowing you to feel lighter, stronger and more positive
  • You will feel heard, seen, understood and safe
  • You will have a clear set of actions to undertake in order to move forward and address the issue at hand
  • If relevant, you will be provided with recommended resources that can assist you in moving forward
  • Depending on the nature of the session, we can rewrite negative thought patterns, tame your inner critic, surrender and live in the present moment, trust your intuition and so much more

Duration of the session: 60 mins

Price: £95


Who is this consultation suitable for?

These sessions are for those wanting to take control of their lives and start making impacting changes so that they can get closer to their vision.

They are perfect for tackling a specific issues/challenge that you need guidance on.

These sessions are booked as and when you need them and can cover any problem area that you would like to discuss. They give you the chance to voice out your concerns, share your fears/worries in a safe space and explore the way forward with me.

Total price: