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Ayurveda Mama - how you can work with me


As your postpartum Doula, I am in service to your unique needs to ensure you A) will make most of your body time and B) have the supportive environment that is aligned with your greatest wisdom as a mother to your newborn baby.

WHAT IS BODY TIME? Ayurveda follows an ancient concept during the first 42 days after baby’s arrival. Sanskrit calls it Kayalpa. This is Sanskrit for “Body Time”. Kayalpa only happens on a handful of occasions throughout the course of a woman’s life: when you first get your period, when you choose your life-partner and after each birth. These 42 days form a window of dedication to: • bonding • rest, nourishment & peace • your sacred body • ritual for significance In other words: cuddles, kisses, healing, warmth and significance.

Download my PDF to learn more about my services, I look forward to working with you in this journey.