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Feminine Flow Course

Feeling burnt out? Exhausted? Emotionally unbalanced? misunderstood? like you’re losing the plot?! Always fighting against the tide?!  Or do you just want to understand your cycle beyond the biology we usually learn in school or science labs or on our journey to motherhood?!

Then this is the course for you!

The biggest piece missing from many women’s wellness puzzle, is understanding our cyclical nature. Harnessing the power each different phase offers, means you can truly live your best life!  This is about knowing YOU. You will leave this course wondering how you have got this far in your life, never knowing this information about yourself.

This course is going to be a deep dive into understating and connecting to your body. It will be healing, empowering, enlightening, life changing.

The programme is broken down into weekly 2 hours session over 6 weeks.

This is for adult women who want to really understand how working in alignment with their cycle can change their life.

You will:

  • Learn the nature of your own cycle and the differences between men and women (bar that obvious!)
  • Learn how to apply your understanding of the phases of each cycle to your life
  • How to plan your diary for optimum life satisfaction, optimising both your work and personal life
  • How to support each phase of your cycle with the correct food, movement and R&R
  • This will be taught through meditation, sharing knowledge, practical exercises, breath work, practical tips and sharing in circle.

This course also includes a collection of essential oils to support each phase of your and takes place virtually.

Total price: