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Hormone 101 - Period Power Workshop

Feeling overwhelmed by your hormones? Do you find your hormones difficult to balance, and that your menstrual cycle negatively impacts your daily life?

This 1 hour workshop offers an introduction to the core pillars of health and how they can be used to support women to balance their hormones naturally.

Using layman’s terms, we explore women’s cycles and the role hormones play on many aspects of our health. I then introduce some of the simple techniques that have a significant impact on our overall hormone health and wellbeing.

This course is for all adult women from menarche to menopause and covers:

  • What are hormones and what do they do?
  • Why it is important to look after our hormone health
  • Core pillars of health, including movement and nutrition, in relation to hormones
  • Top Tips to get started with supporting hormone health

Workshop delivery:

  • These can be run in person (£15) or virtually (£12).
Total price: