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What Is My Mind-Body Type? Ayurveda Foundations ˚

Want to be free from PMS, mood swings, breakouts, yoni infections and other hormonal imbalances?

In Ayurveda’s anatomy, your Womb is the seat of your subconsciousness. She is also closely related to the immune system, sense of self, safety and shame and – you guessed it – (pro)creativity.  Apart from the subconsciousness of the mind, she also holds your bodies’ records.

Symptoms that arise linked with the menstrual cycle (that is from day #1 of bleeding until the last day before your next period) can be interpreted as your body’s messages to tell you which elements you have accumulated throughout the past cycle. If we learn how to closely listen to our body’s subtle signs as well as how to respond to them with Ayurveda’s extensive self-healing toolbox (herbal medicine, medicinal foods, yoga, breathing, mantra and a transforming dose of self-loving bodywork) every cycle can be regular, relatively pain- and inflammation free as well as magically insightful! 

In this session:

  •  You will connect with the child version of yourself. In our first years on Earth, we are less conditioned and closer to our natural tendencies. Many answers as to how your Mind & Body were designed to interact with the world are here.
  • Ayurvedic Assessment will help us determine your birth Dosha (mind-body archetype)
  • You will get a taste of how to design your lifestyle around your Doshic DNA
  • You will receive a gift that will support you in your self-healing journey with Ayurveda. (Hint: it has to do with self-knowledge!)
  • One hour on zoom

gift of ayurveda PMS

Total price: