I always find myself coming to the rescue of a parent who has been made to feel guilt or uncertainty when it comes to dummies. In some cases, the subject of these little pacifiers is as divisive as deciding how to feed baby. It bothers me for many reasons.I will always tackle those that shame parents head on. No one, not a well-meaning grandparent, friend or stranger in the street, owns the right to pass judgement on a parent, for the choices they have made in what they believe to be their childโ€™s best interests.Oftentimes, people do not realise the potential damage that a throwaway comment can have. Dummies, pacifiers, binkies โ€“ whatever name they go by, tend to get the worst of the snide remarks. Countless times over my 13-year journey as a parent, I have been on the receiving end of dummy related jibes, some well-meant, some not so. โ€œThey ruin their teeth, you know?โ€ โ€œDonโ€™t you realise you are making a rod for your own back?โ€ โ€œWhen are you going to get that ugly thing out of their mouth?โ€The list goes on. And on.
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