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Can sleep impact Women’s Health? Most definitely!

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the amount and quality of sleep you get can impact every area of your health, including: your menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, post-natal depression, breast feeding, menopausal symptoms and more. I’d like to take the opportunity to explain how and why sleep can impact your well-being, and to invite you to take my sleep challenge: to commit to 8 hours sleep a night for one week by following my sleep tips.

Once you have done that you will be able to judge for yourself how sleep affects your health! This is because the foundation of TCM is based on Yin and Yang. Yin representing all things feminine, night time, rest and nourishment. Yang representing all things masculine, day time, activity and expenditure. In good health Yin should move seamlessly into Yang and vice versa; they need to constantly balance each other. In fact, TCM states that when Yin and Yang finally separate, life has come to an end. Therefore we should strive to nourish both aspects of Yin and Yang. If we do not disease will follow.

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