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Wake Windows

So what is a wake window and why is it important? A wake window is the amount of time that your baby can cope with being awake. This time gradually increases as the baby gets older. The wake window for a newborn baby is 45 minutes. This means that baby is awake, has a full […]

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Why Your Baby Will Never Sleep Through the Night

That’s right, I said it. Your baby will never sleep straight through the night. And neither will you, for that matter. We all wake up multiple times during the night. This isn’t due to stress, caffeine, lack of exercise, or any other factors that can contribute to a bad night’s sleep. It’s a normal, natural […]

12-36 Month Old Day Routine Guide

Example day time routine for 12-36 month old babies and toddlers *Based on 1 daytime nap 7am – Wake up & Milk (if wanted) 7.30am – Breakfast 9.30am – Snack 11.30am / 12pm – Lunch 12.30 / 1pm – Nap 3pm – Wake up & Snack 5pm – Dinner 6.30pm – Bedtime routine starts 7pm […]

9-12 Month Old Day Routine Guide

Example day time routine for 9-12 month old babies *Based on 3 hour Wake Windows and 2 Daytime Naps 7am – Wake up and milk feed 8am – Breakfast (solid meal) 10am – Morning Nap 10.45am – Wake up 12pm – Lunch (solid meal) 2pm – Afternoon Nap 4pm – Wake up 5pm – Dinner […]

6-8 Month Old Day Routine Guide

Example day time routine guide for 6-8 month old babies *Based on 2 hour Wake Windows and 3 Daytime Naps 7am – Wake up and milk feed 8am – Breakfast (solid meal) 9am – Morning Nap 11am – Wake up and milk feed 12pm – Lunch (solid meal) 1pm – Afternoon Nap 2.45pm – Wake […]

4-5 Month Old Day Routine Guide

Example day routine guide for 4-5 month old babies *Based on 2 hour Wake Windows and 3 Daytime Naps 7am – Wake up and milk feed 9am – Morning nap 11am – Wake up and milk feed 1pm – Afternoon nap 3pm – Wake up and milk feed 4.45pm – Power nap 5.30pm – Wake […]

Back To Basic Sleep Tips for Parents

Everyone has their own ‘helpful’ tips on how you should get your baby to sleep. Some of them are so complicated or involve the latest expensive gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a victim to it myself! But sometimes all it takes is going right back to basics. Let’s see what the fundamentals of […]

How Long Does My Baby Need to Sleep for?

When you first start telling everyone you’re pregnant, immediately after the hugs and congratulations, come the jokes about the impending lack of sleep. Every parent knows that sleep loss is part of having a child. But the question is ‘how much sleep should your child be getting at different stages of their development?’ To give […]

Wake Windows v Sleep Cues

If you go online and look at any literature around sleep for babies, you will repeatedly hear the phrase “wake windows”. But what are wake windows? How do they help my baby sleep? Does it mean that I have to put my baby down to sleep at regimented times each day? Let’s find out what […]

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Birth to 12 Months Awake Times

A baby’s nap will change as they get older. They will spend slightly more time awake in between naps but may also sleep for longer during naps. This is due to their development. As they start moving around more, they may require a slightly longer sleep. Generally they’ll have a nap in the morning, a […]

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How Developmental Milestones Affect Sleep

As a mother myself, as well as a sleep consultant whose job consists of meeting with the parents of babies and toddlers, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that babies, as a rule, are complicated creatures. Matthew McConaughey was quoted about newborns, saying, “They eat, they crap, they sleep, and if they’re crying, they need […]

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Extending Your Baby’s Naptime

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your baby wakes up in the morning. You feed her, change her, play with her for a little bit, take her for a little walk outside, then rock her to sleep and put her gently into her crib for her morning nap. And then, 30 minutes later, she wakes up […]

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The 4 Month Sleep Regression

The 4 month sleep regression is the topic I am asked about the most. It is actually a sleep progression as your little one’s sleep is maturing. So in order to understand what’s happening to your baby during this stage, first you need to know a few things about sleep in general. Sleep: The facts […]

The 4 Months ‘Sleep Regression’

The 4 month ‘sleep regression’ is one of the top things I get asked about in my weekly Q&A. It often comes at a time when your baby has just started to settle into a natural routine and can go longer stretches at night between feeds. It can hit parents like a ton of bricks […]

When to drop a Nap? 4 Months to 4 Years

‘When should my baby drop a nap?’ and ‘how do we handle nap transitions?’ are questions that every parent askes themselves.  It can be a minefield for parents as there is so much information out there and it’s easy to compare your little one to their peers. For nap transitions, my simple rule is that […]

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7 Tips to Get Baby to Sleep

Perhaps the biggest and most worry-rich conundrum that comes up time and again among parents of babies is how to get baby to sleep. Everyone warned you that sleep may be elusive before you became a parent, but no one could convey just how much this seemingly simple process would consume you. When your own […]