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Hi my name is Nicole Chapman, I’m a personal trainer online coach and pre and postnatal specialist. Here are my top tips for managing your physical or mental wellbeing through motherhood.

So through the power of mum, which is my online program, aimed at mothers, what has come across a lot is how we beat ourselves up a lot, don’t we?

We really, we set ourselves targets of say three workouts a week. You little ones suddenly poor, poorly at home. And, you have to spin everything and turn everything around and make things work. You manage two workouts in that really hectic challenging week. And yet you go, what? I did get three.

We need to start looking at our wins in the week and celebrating them by doing that. You’re not setting your mindset up for failure, which happens a lot.

We do in, in every situation. We only, we know what we are setting ourselves up for. So say even at Christmas time we go, I know I’m going to make my own wreaths and things like that. Only, you know, that you were going to do that. If you didn’t get round to it, it doesn’t matter. So we need to refine things down to make them more manageable.

Another thing about looking at those wins is set yourself a target. It might be, a 5k run, or it might be to get faster at a certain distance. It might be to do a first first to do your first pushup.

If you have a goal that’s non aesthetic, I promise that everything else will come into place and celebrate that as it goes along on the power of mum, we’re all about celebrating those wins. So when someone gets that first, first pushup, we share it in the group and we celebrate that because you are setting yourself a goal that is for you and for you only. So by challenging yourself and setting yourself something, you are pushing yourself to, to motivate yourself, to do those workouts as well. So yeah, be kinder to yourself and start celebrating and championing yourself like you would a friend.