Congratulations! You’ve hit the six month milestone with your baby which likely means you will be ready to start your weaning journey. Your baby may have also begun making more communicative sounds to express their emotions, as well as being tuned into familiar faces and what is going on around them. It’s probably worth starting to get ready for a mobile child too, as crawling won’t be far off…(but that is for another blog post!)

Include your baby in family meal times before they even begin weaning!

One of the main things you may be noticing at six months old is your baby's peaked interest in food. Many families come together during meal time, which is a great learning opportunity from a very young age. Allowing your baby to join in with family meal times will encourage them to be curious about food, learn about the social side of sharing a meal, in addition to picking up good meal time etiquette! Paediatric Dietician Jo Lenz says, “Opt for a well supported high chair with a foot rest - and before you start introducing solids, get baby used to sitting in the high chair when you are eating. Role model eating in front of your baby is so important!” We recommend the newborn attachment for the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, which means even your tiny ones can be the same height as the family during meals in the lead up to weaning. This high chair has been incredibly popular with families in team Bloss, including Binky Felstead for her second child Wolfie, and is suitable for all stages of your child's development. The main benefit is that it comes with a variety of adaptations as they grow.Baby in Stokke highchair with family around table When you begin weaning your baby, try and approach it as a fun, experimental activity with the aim of introducing them to a variety of flavours and textures. It’s more about trying things out than how much they eat - so don’t worry if the vast majority of food ends up on the floor, high chair, or around their mouth as opposed to in it! This can initially feel a bit discouraging for parents if hours have been spent painstakingly peeling, prepping and cooking nutritious and delicious mini meals - but nothing is lost as it’s all a fantastic adventure for them into the world of taste.

Where to start when beginning your weaning journey?

There is SO much information out there about weaning your six month old - so we have compiled a list of top tips from our Bloss experts to get you started. 

What equipment do you need for weaning?

Bloss Experts Sally (Paediatric Occupational Therapist) and Kirsty (Paediatric Physiotherapist) of The Practical Child suggest you have the following in place before getting started:
  • Bibs - Starting with a bib early on not only helps reduce washing but also helps stop the refusal when your child starts becoming a little more vocal as to what they like and do not like to wear
  • Spoons - Soft shallow weaning spoons are a good start for your baby
  • Bowls and plates - Suctioned bowls/plates can save a lot of thrown food
  • Ice cube trays - Fantastic way to store your first batch recipes
  • Blender - to blend food together if you're feeding your soft foods.”

Frosty Baby Boutique is an online baby shop selling a wide range of baby products from newborn bibs, swaddles, headbands and teethers to everything you need for starting the milestone weaning journey with your little ones. The shop sells a wide range of silicone weaning products which are all BPA free, chemical free, plastic free and microwave, oven and dishwasher safe (we got you parents!)

Most recently, the shop launched its own range of long sleeve waterproof cape bibs which are not only perfect for weaning but can be used for messy/water play, colouring etc. The designs are exclusive to Frosty Baby Boutique and are already a big hit with parents due to the four popular prints, soft material and popper fastening.As a bloss subscriber, you can get 15% off your Frosty Baby Boutique purchases with this exclusive discount, so when your weaning journey starts - you'll be ready for anything!
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