The global pandemic has presented all sorts of new parenting challenges and made navigating typical transitions (like starting daycare or nursery) even trickier than usual for families. As a result of various lockdowns, our little ones have arguably never spent more time at home with their parents than during recent months. Their little worlds are smaller than they have ever been. Parent and baby classes cancelled, playdates postponed, family visits minimized. The daily routines of parents coming and going have been at a standstill and, as a result, our little ones have had fewer experiences of being apart from their immediate family, fewer experiences of being around others, fewer experiences of loud and busy spaces filled with other children.

Returning to work and transitioning the care of our little ones has always been an emotional step for families. Undeniably, it is an even bigger ask within the context of the current global pandemic. In addition to our little one’s cocooned beginnings, there may continue to be procedures and restrictions in place within daycare settings to keep our families and our childcare workers safe. These may include restrictions such as parents no longer being allowed on site, settling-in sessions reduced or cancelled, and drop-off routines minimised. These restrictions are causing many parents additional worry as they undeniably make “successful separations” even more challenging for some little ones.


Because our most effective tool in ensuring our children transition safely and securely into the care of another, is by ensuring our child has had adequate opportunity to establish a relationship with one key person (their “key adult”) in the setting prior to any separations from their primary caregiver taking place. 

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