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The summer holidays are almost upon us. The days are long and the nights are short...wait a minute, that only applies to adults without children! During the holidays, the days are long and the nights are even longer! Whether you have school age children, babies or toddlers, your daily routine takes on a different life during the school holidays. For those of us who rely on toddler groups as their main source of adult contact, it can often be a lonely time as many of these groups and also shut down over the summer. Even places we usually visit with our younger children, become much busier; the parks are full of older children,  museums and attractions suddenly feel loud and scary to children who have been used to quieter environments.

Summer Eating

The same goes for our eating habits. We might eat lighter foods if it is hot, we might be away on holiday and therefore have a different routine. Foods such as ice cream tend to feature more and picnics are more frequent.
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