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Hi, I’m Dr. Natalya Fox, a dermatology doctor here to give you top tips on common skin conditions for you and your children.

Sun protection in babies and children is really important because their skin isn’t yet mature enough to produce enough melanin to protect them from the sun, like an adult.

General advice, is that in babies under the age of six months old, they should avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. So no sunbathing that’s for sure.

Secondly, when they’re above six months, try to avoid prolonged direct sunlight by doing things like wearing hat, using parasol, and wearing long sleeved water protection, like rash vest when out and about.

And number three, in terms of sunscreen, they should use a mineral based high factor sunscreen, like minimum factor 50. By mineral. I mean, iron or titanium oxide containing, cause this is better for sensitive or eczema prone skin.