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How you can add purpose and value as an ally to a colleague’s fertility process or miscarriage

Thanks to major lifestyle, environmental and societal shifts over the last few decades, many of us now experience challenges with fertility. One in three report that they (or someone they know) have used some form of fertility treatment, and one in four experience miscarriage, with that number rising to as many as one in two the older we get. With so many people, impacted, it is time we equip ourselves to better understand and support those facing these challenges and learn how talking about miscarriage at work can help.

During this 60-minute workshop, we will discuss how you can better understand and support friends and colleagues who may be struggling with fertility. We will also approach dealing with the unfortunate reality of miscarriage. The aim is to leave with a better understanding of what someone experiencing these challenges may be going through, and (armed with practical tips and tricks) how you can offer genuine support.

How we’ll achieve this:

  • Understanding some of the facts and dynamics that are the driving force behind why so many of us will be impacted in some way by infertility and miscarriage.
  • Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. While IVF it’s now more common, many of us don’t appreciate the hard reality of it.
  • We’ll take a quick look at what a person undergoing fertility treatment may experience. (40% of people experiencing infertility can experience suicidal thoughts and 80% depression).
  • The unspoken toll of miscarriage: we’ll take a look at the latest research around the mental health impact of miscarriage (30% of women who have miscarried are now classified as having some form of PTSD).
  • Tips to help you be supportive in your personal and professional relationships and how to make sure you look after yourself when supporting others too.

How the workshop is delivered:

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Online
  • Number of Attendees: No limit
  • Includes a Q&A session and a handout of slides

About Tracey

Tracey Sainsbury is a counsellor, specialising in fertility, childlessness and all aspects of pregnancy and pregnancy loss; she works with individuals and couples before, during and following fertility treatment. Tracey has over 20 years of experience providing fertility-related support; she is an Accredited Member of the British Infertility Counselling Association, a Counselling Mentor and a member of the Advisory Panel for Fertility Network UK.  Tracey has a small private practice to enable clients to access ongoing support and accepts referrals from NHS and private fertility clinics, EAPS and Surrogacy organisations.

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