Trying to Conceive

Should you do something?

Low mood in teenage years may be short lived. However, if there is a marked change in your teenager’s mood, if it is ongoing and significantly affecting your teenagers happiness, ability to perform and sociability, then its time to address it.

Getting together

Depending on the family structure, it will be more effective if both parents (if together) can agree there is a problem and address it together. If this is not possible, the concerned parents or carer should take the lead, moving things forward as quickly as possible.

The nature of depression is to create negativity, despondency and despair or helplessness in the person experiencing it. This means that it may seem difficult to get your teenager to take on board that something is wrong and that you need them to engage in sorting things out. Don’t give up on the face of this negativity, since its often contagious and can make you feel despairing too! The goal is to offer acceptance and help but at the same time ongoing encouragement to make change. It will help you to understand the nature of teenage depression and reading the section for parents in the stem4 website is encouraged.

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