You’re just getting to grips with a routine for your baby and you’re zoned in with knowing exactly what makes them tick, and along comes teething. Throwing everything into the air, or seemingly happening without you noticing, teething can seem unfathomable.Sometimes a little one needs all the teething tips under the sun, and sometimes a new pearly white erupts without you being aware. It all depends on the child and the tooth. But one thing is for sure, when teething strikes with a vengeance, you’ll need the best arsenal of teething soothing tips.Here we’ll cover all the tried and tested teething tips for babies and toddlers. We know it’s tricky because it can seem that everyone, from the well-meaning grandparent to next door’s great aunt, has an opinion on the best tips to help a teething baby. The reality is that part of the process is about seeing what works for your little one.

What to expect with teething?

Most babies have begun teething by six months, as this is when the first milk teeth at the bottom front appear. Some babies will start teething earlier and others will be later. 
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