Is you child eligible for an exam concession? Here are some of the things to consider…


1. Your child may be eligible for an exam concession if they have a special educational need, be that diagnosed or not.

2. If a child’s ‘normal way of working’ in school is with a concession, they are entitled to it in their exams.

3. When your child is completing work, get them to change pen colour at the point they go over the allocated time for that piece of work. To evidence the need for extra time.

4. Children with Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs) do not need to be assessed for exam concessions, they automatically receive them, based on their needs.

5. All children are entitled to ‘rest breaks’ in exams if they are their normal way of working. This means they can pause the clock take a break and resume their work when ready.

6. Exam concessions can be put in place at any point during a child’s schooling. They do not need to wait to be seen by an exam’s concession assessor.

7. If children are medically diagnosed with anxiety, they can complete their exams out of the main exam hall, in a quiet space.

8. If your child is entitled to exam concessions, such as a reader or a scribe – this person can be a member of staff from school they know. So, they can feel more comfortable.

9. If you child is entitled to sit their exams out of the main hall, they can set up the room as they wish – to make them feel at ease.

10. Schools assess students for exam concessions in Year 5, 9 and 12. This is organised by the school SENCO so if you feel your child word benefit make sure you are in contact with them.


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