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Free taster re: how to progress through weaning after first tastes

  • Introducing lumps, bumps and texture is a really important weaning milestone
  • Within a few weeks of weaning, start to make meals less smooth, and more textured
  • Myth: Babies need teeth to chew. Not true!
  • Baby-led weaning? Let them experience smooth foods like yoghurt or a puree as they need to accept this texture too
  • Finger foods are a great way of getting baby to try new textures. Try not to over-cook finger foods as they are less easy to handle if they are particularly mushy

A gradual approach to introducing texture:

  1. At first make a slightly thicker, less blended version
  2. Once they’ve accepted this, try mashing whilst ensuring the food is still fairly chunk-free. This gradual increase will encourage your baby to adopt a more lateral tongue movement, which is another key learning step in mastering the art of eating
  3. Once they’re open to this, you’ve opened the door to chunkier, lumpier meals

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