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Breastfeeding is much like riding a bike. If you’ve done it before, and you’ve got some idea of what to do, it’s pretty straight forward. Imagine you’ve never seen a bike before, let alone ridden one – would you know what to do if one was put in front of you? Probably not.

There is a wealth of conflicting advice out there about what we should and shouldn’t do when feeding our babies. With over ten years of working with mums and babies, I’ve come to believe that these three common mistakes can have the most significant impact on our breastfeeding journeys.

Mistake #1 - Pushing Through The Pain

I’ll let you in on a little secret – breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt! Your nipples don’t need to ‘toughen up’ or ‘get used to it’ and your baby isn’t being lazy! If breastfeeding is consistently hurting and your nipples are pinched, cracked or damaged after feeds, then your baby is feeding with a shallow latch.
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