The 4 month regression is REAL for us Mumma’s!!!

* Is your baby going through the 4 month sleep regression?

* Is your baby coming up to 4 months old?

* Is your baby older than 4 months but sleep has deteriorated since around this time?

Around 4 months of age, sleep cycles become more complex and as a result you may see your baby waking earlier from naps or waking more frequently in the night, as well as struggling to settle.

The main thing to remember at the 4 months mark is that the sleep problems your little one is experiencing won't go away until your little one has learnt how to self-settle. Needless to say we can alleviate some of these sleep issues until you feel your little one is ready to learn how to self settle.

My top tips to avoid or manage the 4 month sleep regressions:-

. Feed upon waking – getting into this routine will encourage your little one to take good feeds when wide awake and most alert, and prevent feed to sleep association. If you are not feeding your child to sleep then consider what else may be assisting your baby to sleep. Are they being patted or rocked to sleep? Do you have to take them in the pram or car to get a good nap? Prior to the 4 month mark try to gently prevent sleep associations from forming.


. Leading on from above, when hearing your little one waking from a short nap or during the night, allow them a couple of minutes to self settle – rushing in straight away won’t allow them to practice their self settling skills.


. Following a nap schedule or wake window will also help settling, avoiding any overtiredness or under tiredness.


. Ensure your child's bedroom is blacked out and external noises are eliminated by using white noise. White noise can be offered fairly loudly and must be used constantly throughout sleep. An ideal temperature for a bedroom is around 18oc.


. Even at this age it is encouraged to have a bedtime routine so to ready your baby for sleep eg milk, bath, book, bed.


If the above isn’t enough to see sleep improve then get in touch as its likely a more robust 1:1 plan would be best suited to see your baby take longer naps and sleep through the night

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