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Menopausal women are the fastest-growing workforce demographic in the UK. Physical and psychological symptoms i.e. hot flashes, headaches, poor sleep, anxiety, poor concentration can have a significant impact on attendance and performance at work.

Three in five women report going through menopause affected their career in a negative way. Last year 23% of women who had severe menopausal symptoms left their jobs as a result.

When women understand the symptoms and ways to manage them, their lives (and work) can get back to normal quickly. Most women in the UK start their perimenopause in their 40s. The earlier they receive the appropriate support, the bigger the benefits for their immediate and future health.

A healthy diet and lifestyle can help to reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms and protect against long-term health problems associated with low levels of oestrogen, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and dementia.

What this webinar covers:

  • What are perimenopause and menopause and why does it happen?
  • Symptoms of the menopause
  • Health issues after the menopause
  • Treatment options for menopausal symptoms
  •  Lifestyle changes: exercise, the best diet for menopause, phytoestrogens, acupuncture, herbal medicines
  •  Health after the menopause: cardiovascular health, bone health, maintaining a healthy weight, gut health
  •  Question time

How the workshop is delivered:

  • 60 minutes in duration
  • For up to 100 people at a time

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