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Expecting a baby? Planning to breastfeed?

This book has everything you need to know. Written by experienced midwife & lactation consultant, Alissa Pemberton, this book is a compilation of years of experience working with new and expectant mums. From how to build your milk supply, practical techniques to help your baby latch to expressing and introducing bottles, as well as step by step instructions to troubleshoot common problems like newborn weight loss and mastitis - this book is your bible for the early weeks of breastfeeding. Will expert advice, as well as a day by day guide to the first week or breastfeeding you'll know exactly what to expect, and be armed with all the knowledge to deal with those little bumps in the road.

About The Author - Alissa Pemberton

Alissa trained as a Midwife in Australia, and began working in a tertiary high risk hospital setting in Perth, Western Australia. Here she was privileged to work with their team of in house lactation consultants and her passion for breastfeeding was born. After completing training and examinations, she then qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and set up her private practice in Suffolk. Alissa has since completed training to become a certified Holistic Sleep Coach and works with families from antenatal education, to providing specialist breastfeeding support, and sleep support. Alissa lives in Suffolk  with her husband and two young children.