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Three years ago, my good friend made me my first ever liver tonic and introduced me to the delicious world of organ meats. I have been on a real food journey for over 7 years now and if you had told me at the beginning I would happily be eating raw liver today, I would have said you were crazy. But, to tell you the truth, whether you are at the beginning of your health journey or deeply entrenched into it, raw liver in the form of a glorified Bloody Mary is actually pretty good!

Raw liver might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and should not be taken lightly. I personally prefer to follow the examples of my ancestors who understood the nutritional powers of raw foods. When I do consume raw foods (meat, dairy, fish) knowing and trusting my farmer is key. Some say freezing the meat for 14 days before consumption may help eliminate pathogens and parasites. Do what feels right to you.

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