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We’ve all heard of physiotherapists, but what does a pelvic health, or women’s health as we can be known, physiotherapist do? Well…we are specialist in caring for women and men throughout their lives with any problems related to the pelvis, the pelvic floor, the abdominal wall, pregnancy, postnatal, menopause, prostate surgery, bowels, sex, prolapse….the list really does go on. However, we are most well known for caring for women during pregnancy and following birth. 

There are many things we take for granted through our younger life, generally we live pain free, are active and with a pelvic floor that keeps us continent, allows us to have sex and fall pregnant. Then we hit pregnancy and for some a lot of this can change. So let’s find out how a pelvic health physiotherapist could help you through the stages from Bump, Birth & Beyond…


Pregnancy is often a real rollercoaster for us all, starting with a few months of feeling exhausted, sick, being sick, feeling anxious about whether all is ok with the baby and generally not sure of how to exercise, what is safe and feeling the changes start in your body. 

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