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The right direction

We work with you to determine which journey is right for you. There are 2 options with our DNA testing programme – there is the journey to improve your overall health and there is another if you are looking for more energy or improved performance. Whichever journey you choose, the test is exactly the same – you get all of the health results and the sporting performance ones in your report.

3 simple steps

If you choose the Purify journey, our simple 3 step system unlocks your genetic dictionary, rebalances your microbiome, gives you a great detox and moves you towards a healthier you. The performance and energy journey also unlocks your genetic dictionary and boosts your circulation and mental focus, ready for you to take on-board your performance recommendations.

A lifetime value

You will receive a 200 page printed, personalised report, detailing predispositions to major health concerns, your genetic strengths and weaknesses and exactly how your body reacts to over 970 foods.

We believe we all need an owner’s manual for our bodies. Imagine knowing which foods to avoid in the supermarket and which to stock up on next time you go…. Imagine sports and fitness advice targeted to your exact requirements.

Quality – certified

Your DNA sample will be processed according to the highest medical laboratory quality standards (ISO 15189). The results are evaluated and released by two independent geneticists and molecular biologists. After which your personal report is compiled.

Detailed and personalised to you

As well as detailed information on any genetic predispositions, we also detail your athletic genetic traits, provide a personalised strategic eating plan when competing and list 970 different foods with the level of nutrition your body gets from them.

At the back of the report is a complete list of all the medical articles used to compile the results, and each fact we list has at least 4 independent studies done for it to be used.

Scientific evidence included

We also list each of the genes analysed, what it can affect, and your individual result compared to the population as a whole. We believe you deserve to see the facts behind the summary, not just a shiny dashboard – although we do have one of those as well! It is time to take the guesswork out of getting fit and healthy.

Improved performance

Imagine knowing which foods to avoid in the supermarket and which to stock up on next time you go…. Imagine sports and fitness advice targeted to your exact requirements.

Do you know your MACROS? Not the figure that a PT or someone at the gym told you, or an online quiz, but your unique, exact MACROS?

Imagine the edge you will have, knowing exactly what combination of nutrition you need to be at your very best when performing. Understanding how your body reacts to injury, what type of sport suits your muscle type, and how to improve your oxygen uptake.

It’s time for an upgrade, and become the best version of yourself.

Your best life

Imagine you’ve got the edge. You wake up bright and early, raring for your day. You’ve got a packed day ahead, but you are fine with that because you feel mentally strong and resilient. You can rely on your brain to give you creative ideas and solutions and you’ve got plenty of energy to sustain you all day. Your mood is buoyant but stable. You rarely lose control anymore and don’t suffer from that feeling of overwhelm – you are clear on your own boundaries.

Putting your health as a priority

You feel proud of yourself. You’ve put your health and your body as a priority, and it is delivering — and some! In ways, you didn’t even expect. At the end of the day, you sleep like a baby, a deep and delicious sleep, raring for the next day to begin.

Begin your journey to the best version of yourself.

Finding the right journey for you