For busy parents, play dough is like marmite… we either love it or hate it! Kids however unequivocally LOVE it and it has been one of the nation’s favourite educational toys since the 1950’s. 

So firstly, how does it support your child’s early years development? 

  1. It supports the development of fine motor skills: when moulding play dough into different shapes, children and toddlers are strengthening the small muscles in their hands. Your child will need to build these muscles before they learn to write. 
  2. It supports the development of hand-eye coordination: children use their hands to shape the dough to fit their ideas.
  3. It supports Communication & Language, and Maths learning: Children can learn about descriptions, counting and shapes (and much more!) 
  4. It supports the development of creativity:  by starting from new, children learn to think in original and innovative ways

…. playing with play dough also helps children release excess energy, develop their focus and relieves tension. 

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