There’s No-one Thirstier than a Toddler at Bedtime!

We’ve all been there. You have just finished the bedtime routine. The little ones are tucked in, you’ve read their favourite story but just as you get up to leave the room you hear “I’m thirsty”. Your heart sinks, you know they’re probably not thirsty but you’ve nurtured your toddler all this time and you don’t want to start neglecting their primary needs now! So off you go to the kitchen to get them a drink. You sit with them while they drink the entire thing and start questioning how long it’ll be before they’re up for the loo.

Who knew bedtime could involve such negotiations? The newborn stage almost seems more appealing. It’s difficult to know whether your child is actually thirsty or whether they’re making every excuse they can think of to keep your attention, who doesn’t want mummy/daddy’s attention. Never fear, you have a few options.

The first and possibly the easiest option is putting a spill proof bottle of water next to your toddlers’ bed, within their reach so they don’t have yet another reason to get out of bed! Tell your child that if they’re thirsty they can have a small drink themselves, replace the bottle back on the side and go back to sleep ‘like a big boy/girl’ without needing mummy/daddy. This method means you don’t have to worry about your child being dehydrated and you don’t have to give in to their every whim when they call. This option is only possible if you believe your child is old enough to manage this without risking choking. This is done at your own discretion; I am unable to know your child’s abilities without further discussion.

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