Hi, I’m Olivia, I’m a parenting consultant, and I’m going to share with you some common parenting issues and my top tips to deal with them.

All toddlers have tantrums. Here are three tips for dealing with tantrums when you’re out and about number one, we need to prepare for transitions.

  • If you’re leaving the park, you need to give a warning and say five minutes until we’re leaving
  • Number two, descriptively, praise your children, descriptively praise any step in the right direction, however small. So you can say thank you for coming. The first time I called you and we need to empathise, empathise with how they might be feeling. I know you love the park. It’s hard to leave when you’re having fun
  • Number three, give choices where you can, you can say, would you like to go in the buggy or would you like to hold mommy’s hand or as simple as would you like to hold mommy’s left-hand or have right-hand this just helps our children feel a little bit more in control