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We store unprocessed emotions in our bodies – often for years, sometimes lifetimes. Emotional memories are stored in our cells and passed down through generations. Although talking therapy is helpful, to really get to the root of the cause you must journey down into the body and allow the trapped emotions to surface. Emotions are energy-in-motion and can get trapped and stagnate in the body, blocking your bodies flow of Qi (energy).

To witness the emotion and feel it fully, it can move through and out of you. Just talking about and focussing on issues can hold you in the negative frequency and ‘story’. With energy healing, it’s not even always necessary to rehash the memory. Although, sometimes it can be helpful if there are specific people involved with the memory who need to be forgiven.

Body scan and travel to the area in the body where you feel any tension, bring awareness to that area, with touch and breath, and then allow the emotions to surface. The top layer emotion can mask other emotional layers. For instance, you might feel anger, but once you breathe through that, other emotions might surface like sadness, fear, and limiting beliefs. You can keep moving down through each layer until it’s fully shifted.

Suppressed emotions don’t just go away; instead, they become toxic. They will keep showing up in your life, in some form of dysfunction, illness or unhappiness, until you face them. You will often experience scenarios in your life, through other people, where you are projecting some of these unresolved emotions. For instance, if you have repressed anger, you might attract aggressive scenarios or angry people into your life who are mirroring to you your subconscious emotions.

You have to make conscious what is unconscious so that you can free yourself from your past and let go of the conditioning and programmes that are ruling your life.

Qi Gong, EFT, Ho’oponopono, walking in nature, shaking the body and dance can move energy. However, it’s helpful to work with a therapist to hold the space for you, point out blind spots and take you deeper to the root.

Our body holds wisdom

It communicates with us through tension or expansion and physical symptoms like tightness in the jaw, spine or belly.
Our ancestral and personal karmic patterns and wounds are stored in our DNA where they wait to be acknowledged and transmuted.

We dishonour ourselves and our ancestors when we don’t accept all aspects of ourselves. By owning our shadows, we heal the whole of our soul fractal line and return to wholeness.

This can be deeply painful and gritty work. It’s not all love and light. We are experiencing a great karmic cleansing collectively at the moment, so the intensity is amplified. There is no avoiding it anymore.

It takes courage, patience and gentleness to face, and love back to wholeness all of the painful parts, that when we inhabit the body, becomes our responsibility. Healing the inner will heal our outer world. Illness and disease, at the core, are stagnant emotions, memories and fear, that have distanced us from our true nature of love.

At the beginning of this journey you can feel heavier as the old energy surfaces to release. But eventually, you become lighter as you let go of more of the tension and constriction tightly wound up inside your core.

How to help yourself heal:

  • Become friends and masters of your body not through punishment and criticism, but through nourishment, devotion and communion.
  • Honour her, speak loving words to her, touch her tenderly.
  • Be patient with the numb and painful parts.
  • Reconnect and speak with your inner council, the heart, the womb, the gut, the genitals. We have many wisdom centres in the body, not just the brain.
  • It’s important to give ourselves time and space for this process, to bring light to the patterns playing out in our lives and not constantly distract ourselves with busyness to avoid the pain.

If you would like support, I offer energy alignment sessions, where I guide you intuitively on a journey through your inner landscape, shine a light on blind spots, hold the space for you to feel your emotions fully to allow them to move through you
and release. To help you love yourself back to wholeness, establish a healthy relationship with your body and tap into your innate wisdom.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.