In this article I will share my 5 top tips on how to motivate yourself when you’re having a bad day. There are some days where getting out of bed can feel like a monumental struggle and that sleepy feeling just won’t shift. I was really fighting against this feeling a few days ago (and failing) so I thought, if I can’t beat it then I will work with it. 

Set the bar low 

Firstly, acknowledge you are having a bad day and give yourself permission to have a rough day. It’s okay to feel like this every so often. It might not always be possible but if you can, do what you need to do and try not to push yourself to achieve more than you absolutely must. 

Be kind to yourself 

Treat yourself the same way as you would treat a friend who is feeling low and do some little things to cheer yourself up throughout the day. This can be anything from treating yourself to your favourite tea/coffee/juice, to writing positive words of affirmation on a sticky note and putting it on your computer monitor. 

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