Hi, I wanted to share a few top tips with you about toilet training. Over the last 15 months, we seem to have done endless consultations with regards to toilet training, and many, many questions are coming up. So I felt that that was most appropriate for us to do a quick top tip video for you with some tips, which might get you going. So firstly, I feel it’s really important for me to say that if you are struggling with toilet training your little one, please don’t feel alone. Please do get in touch and chat. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Sometimes you just need to speak to somebody that’s outside of your family unit. And I know when looking online, things can be so overwhelming when you’ve got, um, books and social media and resources and family members and friends that will be saying something different.

So one thing that I really hope NEST can provide is a place for you to be able to have an open and honest discussion about the right way forward for you and your child. So my three top tips for toilet training, firstly, before starting, it might be worth thinking about always changing your child’s nappy in the bathroom or toilet. So this is about shifting your association of, um, going to the toilet in the loo or bathroom. So secondly, making sure that your little one can pull their trousers or shorts or skirts up and down, it’s brilliant when they can start to go to the toilet and have that bladder control. Actually what’s a really important skill is being able to get themselves dressed and undressed to do that. And finally, number three, when they do do a poo and their nappy, if you pop it down the toilet and flush it together, it also making that association that that’s where it needs to go. And don’t forget to wash hands together after every nappy change. And also when you’ve popped their poo down the loo.

I hope these little top tips help you, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a more bespoke consultation, and we can find the right way forward for you and your child.

Take care