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As a mum myself I know just how hard it is to find the time to care for yourself, so here are my 10 tips on finding the time (and motivation) to exercise as a busy mum. Watch the video, or read through my tips.

1. Start the day with intent 

put your workout clothes on at the start of the day then you are ready to grab any window as it arises.

2. Start small

Once you have been given the sign off by GP – Build up slowly – whether it’s 5 minutes or 25 – just finding that time for you will feel incredible.

3. Make a game out of working out

Movement comes in many different forms. Sofia thinks it is hilarious when I am jumping around in front of her. Squatting or chasing her whilst bear crawling.

4. Dig deep for your motivation

Finding the motivation for yourself can be hard, so find a programme or workout that you enjoy and doesn’t feel like a chore. You’re more likely to stick to it. Involve friends or start something that has a support group so you motivate each other and have accountability – just like my ‘Power of Mum’ clients.

5. Choose time wisely

There will ALWAYS be endless washing and chores to do – so find a window that is your time! Choose the window the day before (a nap, or maybe it’s before they wake up or after they go to bed). But this is your time that you commit to you. Of course it may not always go to plan but start with a positive mindset.

6. Think about yourself (for once) 

Self-care has evolved – it is no longer time for just a bath. Recognise this and put yourself back on that priority list. You can’t pour from an empty cup! Finding the time for yourself, bottling those endorphins, feeling the independence and knowing you’re exercising for you, your body and your mind will see your family reap the benefits also. A mum with renewed energy and a boost of confidence that exercise brings.

7. Do what you can 

Take the pressure off – so many of my workouts have been interrupted by Sofia waking up. But see the fact that you got some movement in as a bonus – especially in those early months (once given the all clear to exercise by GP). On the days where you feel too tired or things don’t go to plan then try and go on a nice walk – the fresh air always helps especially if sleep deprived.

8. See what works for you 

If you are a juggling working mum life also then it maybe a case of trial and error – that before the house wakes up – can become the most magical time to yourself. If it is once you are home and the kids have gone to bed – DO NOT sit down on the sofa – that is dangerous and very hard to dig deep and find the motivation to workout once you have sat down.

9. Less can be more 

Be time efficient – gone are the days where you need to be working out for hours – you can achieve a lot with a 15 – 30 min workout. Make the time count and have a plan.

10. Work out as a family

If you have older children get them involved – find an activity that you all enjoy and can do as a family.

More advice on exercise and self-care for mums can be found in our wellbeing section.