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Learning a new language can be an exciting new challenge. It can be an incredible experience that broadens horizons, provides insight into new cultures and perspectives, and develops skills to enrich your personal, social, and academic life. Inspired by Lydia Machova’s Ted Talk The secrets of learning a new language, we picked the brains of our Modern Language specialists and polyglots. Here, we’re sharing their top tips for learning a new language and advice on how to make things stick!

Practice practice practice!

The most important thing is to dedicate a little bit of time every day. Try adding just 20 minutes of practice a day into your routine. This is your first step to mastering German, Spanish or Portuguese! 

Practice new vocabulary for daily activities

For example, if you're cooking, use Google translate/ Siri to learn the words  for the ingredients and utensils you're using. If you decide to go for a walk to your local park, try learning the words related to the park (trees, birds, dogs, cafe, etc).
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