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32% of women consider leaving their job during the menopause.

My corporate menopause awareness training workshops equip management teams and employees with the knowledge and skills to remove the stigma and manage their perimenopause and menopause by offering information, resources and support.

This training increases menopause awareness, bringing tailored suggestions for sustainable changes to make the workplace more accessible and inclusive.

In particular, the aim of this workshop is to improve staff retention and wellbeing. The menopause is a social issue and the workplace is a key place to start breaking the stigma.

Workshop outline:

My training workshops provide management teams and staff with tailored menopause awareness workshops; enabling open & natural conversations which help businesses thrive.

By implementing a customised menopause awareness training course in your business it will help;

  • Encourage open conversations around the menopause and women’s health at work
  • Improve manager and employee confidence through workshops tailored to HR’s goals and thanks to our resources available after the training
  • Improve staff retention and help manage sickness absence
  • Provide independent feedback and evolution of your well-being and inclusivity and diversity & equality strategy
  • Devise solutions with management and staff to improve women’s well-being in the workplace

How we can work together:

After an initial comprehensive assessment, I will address your organisation’s specific outcome needs, including HR goals and well-being, diversity, equality and inclusivity policy review to effectively deliver menopause awareness training to managers or the whole staff.

As part of the initial assessment, I can also offer a specific workshop to menopausal women (self-referral required), aimed at understanding their needs within your workplace.

Working with you, we’ll develop a customised menopause awareness training programme, built around our framework. Menopause is a social issue and raising awareness is the first step to solving it, to drive lasting positive change for your business, staff and in small scale society as a whole.

We ensure that each menopause awareness training brings optimal benefit, by designing content around the specific employee audience from senior leaders through to HR, line managers and the general employee population.

My workshops are adaptable to different workplaces, from small businesses to corporations, both in the public and private sector.

What can you expect following the workshop?

By implementing women’s health and menopause awareness training in the workplace, you can expect positive outcomes for your specific needs, and be confident you will see behavioural changes in your teams surrounding women’s physical and mental health in the workplace.

Your workplace will be part of the change that society needs, raising awareness of the menopause. In the UK currently, 32% of women say they consider leaving the workplace due to their menopause and 9 out of 10 women say that menopause impacts their work.

However, it is not common practice to host menopause awareness training (yet). Only recently, menopause has gone into the spotlight of public discourse. My unique combination of evidence-based information, useful resources and tools and workshop activities will set your company at the front of this change that is long overdue.

Choosing Corinna’s Menopause Awareness Training will help you to:

  • Understand the impact of the perimenopause and the menopause in the workplace
  • Introduce the practical skills to empower managers and staff to manage it, using tailored, facilitated exercises to support learning
  • Ensure you can embed this in your business including suggested changes to make the workplace more accessible
  • Evaluate and impact change regarding menopause and women’s health awareness and support in your workplace
  • Review, adapt and evolve Well-being and Equality and Diversity policies and resources to ensure effective menopause and women’s health employment support, and improved menopause awareness

Workshop Delivery:

  • Corinna’s training can be delivered virtually or face to face and is supported by e-learning for up to 20 people per group.
  • The training will be delivered over two full days which can be delivered as two consecutive days or split one/two weeks apart.
  • In addition to the two full days, we will also do an initial assessment to understand HR goals.

Optional add-ons:

  • Initial assessment to evaluate staff’s understanding of the menopause prior to the workshops and any specific needs of staff (questionnaire and analysis) 
  • Follow-up check-in session two months later to address any further questions that may arise after putting your training to use (Q&A). 
  • HR goals re-evaluation and Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity and Inclusion policy check.

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