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Searching for the best travel pushchairs on the market in 2023?

A lightweight stroller, that’s easy to manoeuvre and travel with is sometimes the initial go-to for those in the market for their first buggy – depending on where you live and how you get around day-to-day (walking, public transport or by car). I have many city-dwelling friends who opted for a travel pushchair from the get-go; and it’s worked brilliantly for them as their sole ride. For other parents – it’s a considered second purchase and for use alongside their other ‘main’ pushchair. For them, this style is more for holidays, days out on public transport or for weekends away when space in the boot of the car is at a minimum.

For those who travel regularly, either in the UK or abroad, having a pushchair for on-the-go is almost an inevitable step. This is where we’re at with our little one – with a plane trip to Europe on the cards, we needed a rethink. Last year we went on holiday with our main buggy, the Cybex Priam, which was necessary at the time (she was newborn so the spacious bassinet doubled up as a moses basket while we were there which was perfect). It did however mean a very large buggy bag came along with us, which my dutiful husband wrestled with both ends of oversize check in. Wanting to avoid the sweat and mildly stressful start to this next trip – the hunt was on for a plane / cabin friendly pushchair.


Hand Luggage Size Travel Buggy

It’s no secret we’re a fan of the Cybex brand – we love our Cybex Priam and super safe car seats for both of our girls. March 2023 saw the launch of the Cybex Orfeo – a mega lightweight travel and city stroller which folds up quickly and easily with one hand, into a hand luggage size (The Orfeo has a folded size of 53 cm x 48 cm x 15 cm) perfect for an overhead plane (or train) locker. (As usual, do check with your airline what their allowances are first!) We were keen to road test it – and it didn’t disappoint. We took it on an EasyJet flight and we went straight onto the plane, no questions asked. It slotted beautifully into the overhead! We also opened it up to get off the flight with my daughter and it fit (with room to spare) along the plane aisle.

Lightweight, foldable pushchair

First up was the weight – at 6.3kg it’s marginally heavier than the Cybex Libelle, Cybexs alternative travel model – but since I prefer the rounded style of the handle (personal preference!) this makes up for the very minimal 0.3kg difference for me. It also still makes it one of the lightest travel buggies on the market and it’s so easy to fold (one handed) and tuck away, or carry over your shoulder with the in-built padded carry strap.

For your tiny passenger – it’s clearly a comfortable ride. The Orfeo is constructed to Cybexs usual high standard of material and spec – washable covers, a one pull adjustable harness, lovely comfy padding plus an adjustable leg rest and front wheel suspension mean a smooth journey, even over more undulating terrain. I also love that the canopy is so large with great coverage and UPF50+ so for holidays in the sun, your little one is protected – with shade and for if you get caught out in a downpour. A rain cover can also be bought separately.

A word of caution: if you’re planning long walks across very grassy, muddy or bumpy countryside then I’d have a rethink on this style of stroller, as although it will do the job, the wheels can get a little clogged and it’s not as easy to push – but in all honesty this really isn’t what it’s designed to do so the other plus points totally negate this.

Travel System

A massive bonus of the Cybex Orfeo is its compatibility with Cybex Car seats – with an adaptor these can be attached to the main frame and you have the option to seamlessly go from the car to the buggy without waking your baby. The Orfeo is suitable from Newborn as it does recline totally flat – which is also useful for holiday naps on the go when you don’t want to be confined to the hotel or villa! I also love how big the shopping basket is at the bottom – for such a compact buggy it’s great to still have this space, either for taking all the usual paraphernalia that you need for the day (changing bag, clothes, and snacks – lots of snacks!) or more importantly, for impromptu holiday purchases…

Orfeo Stroller Specifications, Weight and Dimensions

Length 770 mm
Width 520 mm
Height 1020 mm

Length 155 mm
Width 475 mm
Height 525 mm
Weight 6.3 kg

The Cybex Orfeo is compatible with:

  • CYBEX infant car seats
  • Orfeo Car Seat Adapter
  • Orfeo Rain Cover
  • Gold Footmuff
  • Snogga 2
  • Summer Seat Liner
  • Newborn Nest
  • Orfeo/Beezy/Eezy S Line Travel Bag
  • Orfeo/Libelle Bumper Bar

Download the full Cybex Orfeo User Manual here.

The Verdict…

What I really like about the Cybex Orfeo is that although its compact and lightweight, you still get the trademark Cybex quality feel of a large, more substantial buggy. It doesn’t scrimp on any design features and frankly, I’ll probably use it quite a bit on a more regular basis simply for the fact that it’s so easy to lift in and out of the car on the school run. I’d most certainly recommend it as both a travel buggy but also as an investment for more regular use. At its current price point of just over £300 – it’s at a reasonable mid-level in comparison to others on the market and it clearly has longevity for more than one child over a long period of time.