I’ll caveat this review by saying I may be a little biased when it comes to Swedish brand Thule - the reason being, I’m half Swedish. I do however think my favourable views on Scandinavian products come with good reason. On the whole, they tend to be thoughtfully designed, stylish but simple and have brilliant durability.

The Thule Glide 2 did not disappoint on this front. It is very much a multi-terrain, multi purpose stroller which seamlessly handles both urban environments as the name suggests, but also off-roading and jogging, making it incredibly versatile.

Having road tested many buggies now - Thule, known for its commitment to outdoor enthusiasts, delivers a promising contender as a perfect all rounder with the Urban Glide 2 if you’re looking for a pushchair that is suitable for both running and day to day use. 

First Impressions

My first impression of the Thule Urban Glide 2 was the very obvious high quality of materials. It is stylish, well designed and looks and feels sturdy and robust. It was also incredibly smooth and light to manoeuvre with superior suspension. 

Unboxing and Assembly

Unlike a few pushchairs I’ve road tested, the Thule Urban Glide 2 was incredibly simple to put together. It was pretty much just a case of folding out the frame and popping the wheels on and it was unboxed and assembled within less than 15 minutes. Big thumbs up for ease as I’m not a fan of 200 small parts! No fiddly or strenuous flat-pack-esque construction involved whatsoever (something we’d maybe expect from a Swedish brand!).

A note that accessories need to be purchased separately - for example the cup holder, rain cover, bumper bar and bassinet. 

Design and Quality

This is a sleek, stylish pushchair. We tested the newer black on black frame and I like the fact this could be something you’d take into town for a coffee or for a country walk. It gives off a premium aesthetic so if appearance is important for you - The Urban Glide 2 certainly ticks the box. 

It comes in three colour combinations, all are natural, muted tones - with the option of a black or aluminium frame and a black, blue or grey canopy. 

The hood canopy has a peekaboo window so you can keep an eye on your little one and the fabric is water resistant and easily wiped down if there are any spills or accidents. 

Age Range

The Urban Glide 2 is for children from birth up to 22kg (around 4-5 years old). It has an optional additional bassinet attachment available making it suitable from newborn upwards. The bassinet is easy to assemble with the frame and folds flat, so transporting it in the car or popping it away after use is incredibly straightforward. The bassinet is well padded and sturdy, a friend of ours has a two month old baby who was our chief tester and he seemed incredibly cosy as we went for a stroll! The bassinet is also compatible with the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double, so if you have two young children this is a fantastic choice for longevity. 

The upright toddler seat is what I have primarily used for our 15 month old daughter. It reclines flat with one hand so works well during naps. One downside for me personally is the most upright option available is still relatively angled and my daughter enjoys being very upright! This was easily resolved by popping some padding behind the fabric seat but it could benefit from a soft wedge to pop behind her lower back so she’s a little more elevated.

In regards to age and using this as a running pushchair - note that jogging with babies under 8 months old is not advised, due to their head and neck stability and overall level of physical development being unable to withstand high impact movement when running. It’s worth consulting your GP or a paediatrician before you begin regular jogging with children under one year old. 

Safety Features:

The Thule Urban Glide 2 has safety at the forefront of it’s design. All Thule products go through rigorous testing in areas such as durability, impact, stability and tipping. It has reflective materials on the rim and canopy edges for visibility - I would have loved to see more of this material but only because we are out and about quite a bit during the darker winter months. It boasts a 5 point Harness system which is also very well padded and comfortable - the shoulder padding holds in place particularly well and doesn’t seem to slip like other models I’ve tried.

The canopy is generous on both the bassinet and upright seat, providing both weather and UV protection (UPF 50+). 

There are two options for control and brakes - one twist brake on the handle bar which was unique and useful for quick stops or navigating slopes. The second footbrake is also easy to operate and because of it’s open design, doesn’t tend to get clogged with mud and dirt.


Although my daughter can’t talk, she would make up for it in her own vocal way if she wasn’t comfortable and she seems incredibly content every time we are out and about in the Urban Glide. Both the bassinet and toddler seat are well padded and ventilated so although I am testing during colder weather, it would fare well when the temperatures rise in Summer. The five point harness sits snugly and the padding doesn’t slip on her shoulders, furthermore it is easy to adjust when necessary. 


This pushchair truly hits the mark when it comes to storage. The Basket underneath the frame is huge and gives you ample space (ideal for shopping!). You can easily store your rain cover, a bag / spare clothes and my large winter coat went in easily when I took it off during a long walk.

There are two more additional storage compartments, one zip pocket at the front of the main base compartment which is perfect for smaller valuables such as keys or your purse. There is also a net storage bag on the back of the seat which is handy for things like childrens drinks or quick access snacks.

Adjustability and Folding Down

The Urban Glide 2 offers a one handed fold - this took a couple of attempts from me but once you get the technique it’s incredibly easy. Fitting it into the boot of the car does take up some space, when packed down it measures 87 x 69 x 34 cm however if you pop off the wheels (very easy to do) it allows for much more versatility. It was preferable doing this anyway due to mud on the wheels after walks.

The handle angle is one of my favourite things about this pushchair. The handle is ergonomically designed so that your hands are drawn down either side of it, with a turn brake in the middle. This meant my overall posture when walking and pushing the stroller was balanced and encouraged me to be more upright with my shoulders back (I’m no pilates expert but I felt so much more comfortable than hunched over a straight bar handle!) You can also move it to any height you wish with the buttons either side, (lower down to make it more compact when parked, or for if your toddler wants to get out and push they can reach!) and high enough for my taller husband. The material was also smooth but allowed for great grip, even when my hands were hot it didn’t become slippery. 

Price and Value for Money

The Urban Glide 2 in my opinion offers three for one - if you are looking for a pushchair for running, city strolls and off roading it covers all functions effortlessly and therefore for me, justifies the price tag. At the time of publication these retail for £599.99. This does not include the bassinet which is sold separately for £249.99. Bare in mind the accessories are also extra - but many you may not feel you need and in a way it’s a benefit to just pick and choose what you personally require. 



  1. The handle angle, comfort and versatility. 
  2. Wheels and Suspension - The Thule Urban Glide 2 really does glide. The back wheels are 16” and it felt able to handle most terrain with ease and without your baby bumping around. The front wheel can also be locked in position for running.
  3. Brakes - it was so useful having one brake on the handle bar for temporary stops as well as an easy to use foot brake. 



  1. The seat angle (personal preference and can be easily resolved).
  2. Width - this is quite a wide pushchair, since I mainly use this pushchair for walks and popping into town it's not such an issue but if I was living in a city and wanted it for shopping daily, it is certainly a little tricker to get in and out of narrow doorways. 
  3. The cup holder - It’s fab for water bottles and reminded me to bring mine with me! However due to the angle it’s not suitable for hot drinks, which means coffee has to stay safely in your hand. 


Dimensions and Weight Spec

Max child weight - 22 kg

Max stroller weight capacity - 34 kg

Folded dimensions - 87 x 69 x 34 cm

Weight - 11.5 kg

Shoulder width - 31.5 cm

Sitting height - 53 cm

Door pass through - 69 cm

Safety harness - 5-point


The Thule Urban Glide has proven to be a great all round pushchair and very suitable for our lifestyle - dog walks and semi rural with occasional visits to town. It is also super for running and my husband has used it for this many times and found it to be smooth, manoeuvrable with great suspension meaning comfort for our toddler.

If you’re torn between a jogging buggy, an off road stroller and a day-to-day pushchair, this does all three so in terms of value for money, it is an excellent option.

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