How your luteal phase influences reproduction

A short luteal phase has long been attributed as a cause of infertility and miscarriage. We dig deep into the research and look at how a luteal phase defect can influence reproduction. What is the luteal phase The menstrual cycle can be divided in two. During the first part of the cycle, called the follicular […]

Asherman’s Syndrome and Pregnancy

Asherman’s Syndrome is when the lining of the womb becomes scarred. This scar tissue is often called intra-uterine adhesions or synechiae. In many cases the front and back wall of the womb are stuck together. So, what causes Asherman’s Syndrome, how do you know if you’ve got it and can you get pregnant if you […]

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What is In Vitro Fertilisation?

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is used to treat a wide range of fertility problems including unexplained fertility.  During the IVF process, the ovaries are stimulated to develop several eggs, these are removed from the ovaries and fertilised with sperm prepared in the laboratory.  The fertilised egg then develops into an embryo which is replaced back […]

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Managing IVF in the Workplace 

Going through IVF treatment can be exhausting and emotionally taxing. There are a lot of appointments you’ll need to attend, and it can be a stressful process. If you have a full-time job, it can be difficult managing your IVF around it. However, there are some great tips you can follow to make it work. […]

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BRCA Gene and Fertility Preservation

A new study has revealed women who have a BRCA1 gene mutation have less eggs than those who don’t. The results of the study, published within the Journal of Clinical Oncology, mean affected women may have a reduced window of opportunity to have children. Here, we’ll look at what this latest research means, and how […]

Five evidence-based things for fertility

Did you know that according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) as many as 186 million individuals struggle with fertility? We take a look at five quick things to know that we hope can help on your fertility journey….  ONE: Your cycle: the fifth vital sign: easy to get misled however… This may sound like […]

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Four potential causes of unexplained infertility

We know that infertility is on the rise. We also know that ‘unexplained infertility’ impacts 30% of those struggling to conceive. It can also be a devastating and frustrating diagnosis. Traditional testing can miss some potential contributors. We take a look at four things that are worth further investigation: Unexplained infertility impacts 30% of couples struggling […]

Four Science Backed Ways to Boost Egg Quality

As we get older and more liberated as women (hooray) the question of how to preserve our all important egg quality becomes more crucial. Whether it is because of careers, finances, tough dating scene or other reasons, on average we are having kids later. Unfortunately our bodies have not kept pace with our lifestyle changes. […]

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Marcela Fiuza – Woman’s Health Dietitian Introduction

Marcela is a dietitian and award winning nutritionist with over 10 years experience working for the NHS and private sector.  She specialises in women’s health including PCOS, endometriosis, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal/maternal nutrition, menopause and weight management. She is a member of the BDA’s specialist Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Group.  In addition, she has a wealth […]

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Understanding the stressful journey of birth

This course is all about trying to make sense of stress and trauma that may occur for some parents in the process of conception, pregnancy, delivery or post delivery complications or medical interventions of any kind. This course provides very important education around the body’s response to stress and trauma, which in itself can be […]

Trauma Related to Birth

The challenges experienced by parents in the face of childhood chronic illness   Dr Claire Conlon, Senior Clinical Psychologist discusses birth trauma, including how the traumatic response in the body manifests and how this can affect you on an emotional and physiological level. Dr Conlon gives insight into how and when to seek professional support, […]

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Zita West Introduction

Zita West is a midwife of 40 years and acupuncturist Over the years she has helped thousands of couples get pregnant She has used her books, clinic and supplements to help couples get pregnant To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content and gain full […]