Iā€™m Kirsty Brocklehurst and I’m a Children’s Physiotherapist and I’m Sally Hillis-Davis and I’m a Children’s Occupational Therapist and we are the Practical Child. We’re going to be sharing some common issues around child development and our top tips for how you can help.

One of the common things I get asked is how to do tummy time with your newborn baby. Tummy time is scary, babies heads are heavy and then next a week. Generally, they don’t really like it. A common misconception is that tummy time has to be done flat on the floor, nothing there to help and let baby cry out cause they must do it. That’s not the truth and actually tummy time can be really, really fun and a lovely bonding experience for you and your baby.

Really nice way to introduce tummy time five for your young baby is against your chest. So pop baby chest to chest on you and start sitting upright. Keep your arms tucked in inside. You can cut around their shoulders if need be, and then just very gently and very slowly tip backwards. So just gently recline backwards on the safe is a good place to do this. So that baby is becoming more and more horizontal on you. This counts as tummy time and there’s also a really lovely time to do some eye-to-eye contact talking and singing with your baby which also helped them encourage to lift their head.