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This course is all about trying to make sense of stress and trauma that may occur for some parents in the process of conception, pregnancy, delivery or post delivery complications or medical interventions of any kind.
  • This course provides very important education around the body's response to stress and trauma, which in itself can be helpful in reduction of stress
  • It also provides parents with ways to successfully control the trauma response to lead to a reduction in everyday anxiety or worrying about your child
  • Often when parents have been through a traumatic birth, birth journey or medical journey with their child, it leads to ongoing anxiety about the health and wellbeing of that child, so learning what is happening in your body and mind can allow a parent to take back some control over these often very difficult to manage feelings.
Parents complete this instant access programme in their own time by watching the prerecorded video (about 40 minutes in length). There is also the option to add yourself to an online chat forum with other participants which some parents find helpful. The programme provides assess to a handout all about trauma which parents also find very useful.