Hi, I’m Jo Lenz and I’m a pediatric or children’s dietician, and I’m going to be sharing my top tips to help with any issues you may be facing with your baby or your child’s eating.

When you start weaning, it can be a really confusing time. There’s lots of things to think about. What to feed my baby initially is obviously one of the top things that you’ll be thinking about. There’s lots of different ways to wean, and there is no real right or wrong answer. It’s whatever you feel comfortable doing.

So you have your traditional puree sort of spoon-fed method versus your baby led method. And they are both completely fine. And most of us, I think it would be fair to say we do a combination of those. There is some thinking that if you start introducing your little one initially to tastes or bits of vegetables for one to two weeks, this can actually really help in terms of their acceptance of these types of foods later on.

I didn’t do it with my first child because it wasn’t known so much then, but certainly with my third child it is something that I did and I find it fairly easy. It’s just one single vegetable just once a day for the first week or so. And then you start to introduce other foods around that. So it just gets baby really used to, you know, just the actual process of having the meal at the same time of day. And it’s a good way of starting. But what I would say is that weaning is very individual and there is no right or wrong way of doing it.