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Your surrogacy journey starts here!

My Surrogacy Journey was a passion project nearly three years in the making. After my husband Wes and I went through our own journey, we knew we wanted to change the landscape of surrogacy, globally.

Our mission is to create an inclusive and innovative infrastructure that guides and supports all members equally when building a family through surrogacy. Whether you’re an Intended Parent looking to build your family here in the UK or overseas, or you’re interested in being a Known Egg Donor or a Surrogate, our membership has been designed to be as individual as your surrogacy journey.

Already started on your way to building or extending your family? Don’t worry we’ve got you. We can also create hybrid Memberships that are designed around a journey that’s already started but lacks our support and benefits.

Check out our video to find out more about My Surrogacy Journey, and click here for a free, no-obligation video consultation with me.