A different way of looking at prolapse

Anna Crowle is a physiotherapist, advanced myofascial practitioner and researcher. She believes that postnatal problems should be talked about and worked through, not ignored or put up with. Anna is a mum of two. I would like to raise some awareness about a way of understanding and treating prolapse, that you might not have heard […]

Teens – Awareness of The Internal Critic

We want to help our teens recognise their unhelpful thinking styles and how these have influenced patterns of behaviour. Psychology Tools lists the following styles: 🔻All or Nothing Thinking – ‘if I’m not perfect, I’ve failed’ or ‘either I do it right or not at all’ 🔻 Mental Filter – only noticing failures but not […]

Between – Behaviour Rewards

Reward star charts are a good strategy for short term behaviours/ action/ work that you want to see your between change. They offer a reward when your between has consistently been doing the desired behaviours (and you can have mini rewards along the way to maintain interest). 💭 Discuss the WHY! Why is it important […]

Toddlers – Tidy Up Time

So you’ve tucked your little one into bed, you’re ready to FINALLY relax only to look around and realise there are still toys everywhere! 😱🤯 Sound familiar? Involving your children in the tidy-up process is not only beneficial for you but it is actually building resilience, patience and self-esteem – skills they’ll need for the […]

Teens – Consent

Consent is a term which every young person needs to understand, know and be comfortable using.👌 Teaching the topic of consent will be or is already in your teen’s new ‘Relationship, Sex and Health Education’ UK based curriculum at school, so following up or starting those conversations at home is super important! To continue viewing… […]

Between – Consent

Consent for ‘between’ is going to be evolving and adapting as they grow older. It will take on different roles from you being their confidante to them not wanting you to know their thoughts and innermost feelings ⚖️ Teaching consent at the between age is key to developing strong, open and honest relationships. Here are […]

Toddler – Consent

With everything going on globally we thought we would discuss what consent for a toddler might look like… At this age, toddlers are very explorative and inquisitive and, whilst we want to encourage this, we can teach and introduce boundaries in the following ways: To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You […]

Yoga Doc


A unique 4-pillar plan, to instil confidence from pregnancy to birth. The huge changes that occur in our body throughout pregnancy can sometimes be challenging to adapt to both on a physical and psychological level. Dr Leah has designed the completely unique 4-Pillar approach of the Pregnancy Yoga Plan to encompass 4 essential areas. Including almost 7 […]

AVOID BURNOUT – top breathwork tips to help you reduce stress now

When you hear the definition of ‘Burnout’ you can understand why it’s such a buzzword at the moment, especially amongst parents. “Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped. It is a result of excessive and prolonged emotional, physical and mental stress.” The charity MIND recently conducted research and concluded ‘there are […]

Bloss Parenthood experts

Yoga in Pregnancy with Leah Deutsch

Yoga throughout pregnancy can be hugely a supportive tool and I’ve written several articles on it’s benefit . Ultimately staying more mobile throughout your pregnancy and cultivating a connection with your body and baby, will carry you through your pregnancy and beyond. What are the benefits of yoga in pregnancy? The World Health Organisation recommend […]

Advice and Support for Baby Loss

Baby loss is not just a story of grief, of pain and tears; it’s a story of love, of celebration, of becoming parents. It’s a place where sorrow and love collide, where dreams lay shattered on the floor, but simultaneously a new view of life can be birthed. It is only when the silent scream […]

child stress

13 ways to help your child manage their stress

Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge. Depending on how you perceive this challenge, stress can be experienced as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  For example:  When you are about to go on the rugby pitch you may feel stressed, but this type of stress will make you sharper and increases your performance  When you are […]


6 Top Tips to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition people experience and is characterised by a range of anxious thoughts and behaviours. Anxious thinking is almost always fear-based and anxious behaviour is often carried out to make the person feel less fearful. This behaviour is not generally positive. So, for example, someone who is anxious of […]