There are so many rewarding benefits for your child when it comes to getting extra tuition on top of their regular schooling. Sometimes, though, it’s not always clear what those benefits are and that can be off-putting for parents.

So we want to talk about the benefits of tuition for children, both in-person and online, and why it’s worth considering for your child as they go through their education. 

Does my child need extra tuition?

While your child might not be struggling with their education, a tutor can help them do even better in school. With more individual attention and lessons that are more finely tuned to areas your child wants to improve, you’ll see a huge boost to their confidence, and their academic performance with the help of a tutor

If your child is struggling with their education, then tuition is something worth looking into. 

The signs to look for:

It’s good to recognise the signs that your child might need some extra help with their education. These signs can include: 

  • Loss of interest in school
  • Getting overwhelmed by homework load
  • Not doing homework
  • Poor grades
  • Falling behind in their learning
  • Struggling with specific subjects and areas

Make sure you talk to your child regularly about how they feel about school, so you can support them in the ways they need and keep them engaged with learning. Talk to your child about why they might be struggling and tell them there’s no shame in getting some extra help to do better. 

Get them excited about the idea of tuition, and the doors it could open for them. With a little help from a tutor in the subjects they’re struggling with, your child will become excited about learning again. That love for learning will stick with them to make them lifelong learners.

Challenging gifted children

While many people believe extra tuition is only something your child needs if they’re struggling in school, it’s important to consider whether or not your child might benefit from additional challenges

You might find your child is reading, writing or doing mathematics at a higher level than the school curriculum suggests they should be. If your child is showing academic promise in maths or English, it could be worth considering tuition that will help push them further. 

By helping your child accelerate their learning to a speed that better suits them, they could excel academically. This will really set them up to do well further down the line when it comes to university applications and promising career options. 

The benefits of online tutoring

Online tutoring grants your child the flexibility to study at times that suit you. It also allows them to learn at a pace that suits them better than the school syllabus might. It also means you don’t have to live near a tuition centre or even near a private tutor. With just an internet connection, you can access a world of tuition services and expert tutors without having to leave your home. 

With an online tuition service, you can more easily see how your child is learning with regular performance updates, all easily accessed from your account whenever you want to check. And with the latest and greatest educational technology, your child will always know what they need to work on. 

Is online tuition as good as in-person tuition?

You might be tempted to believe that in-person tuition is better than online tuition. After all, with a tutor there in person your child can’t get distracted from their learning. However, that doesn’t mean that online tuition is lesser than in-person. 

One of the biggest benefits of online tuition is having access to expert tutors that you otherwise may not have access to. Online tutors are experienced in keeping learning engaging, even if they’re not there in person. Just like they would in person, an online tutor can help your child by adapting their teaching as necessary to ensure your child gets the most out of their sessions. 

If you are considering online tuition, try to be a little present while the sessions are going. While you don’t have to sit there the whole time, ensure your child is in a room where you can hear what they’re doing and check up on them from time to time to ensure that they’re concentrating. 

A great benefit to Explore Learning’s online tuition is that your child will have access to learning resources 24/7, encouraging independent practice at times that work best for their learning (with a little encouragement to ensure they do keep practising).

If you’re lucky enough to live near a tuition centre, your child could benefit from in-person tuition and then be able to practice independently at home.

The five Explore Learning benefits of having a tutor

There are so many benefits of having an Explore Learning tutor work with your child to get them excited about learning. Whether your child is struggling with particular subjects or just wants to do better in school. We believe these are some top five benefits of your child having a tutor.

1 – Flexible learning

Everyone has a busy schedule these days, we understand that. It can be difficult to fit in something outside school if you’ve only got specific times each week that you can do that. 

With tuition, you can choose times that suit you and your child best and choose the frequency of tuition sessions. You could do one session a week normally and bump that up as and when required, during busy exam periods, for example. 

With the added flexibility of online tuition, you won’t even need to factor in travel time. Simply get your child set up on a laptop or tablet, connect with their tutor and let the learning commence! 

2 – Work on individual learning challenges

We know that every child will face different challenges on their journey through education. We can’t all be good at everything, and it’s okay to get a little bit of extra help in the areas we’re struggling in.

While schools will do everything to ensure that children are taught to the curriculum standards, some children will need a little more help than others. It can be easy for children to fall behind a little when they hit learning roadblocks in some subjects.  

Extra tuition can focus exactly on the areas that your child is struggling with, down to the very specifics. Is your child struggling with a particular maths concept? A tutor can help break down that maths concept in a way that makes sense for your child, so you’ll soon start to see results in their progress. 

3 – Work at their pace

Rushing through learning doesn’t work for any child – they need time to let the information sink in and retain it. Some children might need a little more time than others and a little more attention to particular topics, and that’s absolutely okay. 

Sometimes at school, your child may find the syllabus is moving a little too fast for them. Of course, teachers only have so much time to work with every child. So with a tutor, your child can get that extra time they need to work through specific subjects. 

If your child is struggling with their grammar, a tutor can go over grammatical concepts slowly with them. With just one or two tuition sessions a week your child will feel more confident in their learning. 

4 – Education to suit their needs

Children diagnosed with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) deserve an education that’s made to suit them. Schools will endeavour to adapt to the additional needs of your child, to ensure they get the most out of education.

With the added help of a tutor, your child will receive even more support to ensure they’re doing their best in school. Your child’s tutor can create strategies to help your child with their concentration, social interaction, audio and visual processing, motor skills and more alongside their school tuition. 

A tutor will get to know your child and find out how they learn. That way a tutor can adapt their style to best suit your child so they can learn more effectively. 

5 – Inspire them with goals and objectives

It’s always good to have a goal to work towards. While children will always have lesson objectives, schools might not always emphasise creating individual goals. 

A tutor can get to know your child, the way they learn and what they’re struggling with. From there, your child can set themselves an individual goal for their learning. And of course, your child’s tutor will help them achieve that goal.

Setting a goal with a tutor not only gives your child an opportunity to work towards something, but it also gives them something to be proud of when they achieve that goal. That pride will inspire them to continue doing their best in their learning.  

Why not try tuition?

So those are just some of the benefits of getting extra tuition for your child. Whether they need some extra help with subjects they’re struggling with, need to re-ignite their love for learning or need to be challenged to achieve their full potential, an expert tutor will always be a huge benefit to your child as they progress through their education. 

Did you know you can try out Explore Learning’s tuition services for free? We want you to see for yourself how your child can benefit from extra tuition, so why not give it a try