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Hi guys, I’m Nathalie Clough and today I’m here to talk to you about pre and postnatal exercises with polarities and exercises that you can do to help support your body.

So really, really important question that I get asked are the top three parts of your body that you need to focus on for strengthening.

These are really important, not only for preparing yourself for your birth, but also along the way as you start to get bigger.

So glutes first one, really important. They are big muscle group and they are really important and holding up your body, not only for supporting your pelvis and your spine, but also as you stand a you walk, you want to be strong through your glutes rather than having to feel like you’re swinging and putting pressure through your knees.

Moving up to the lower abdominals, obviously really important, low abdominal, pelvic floor work together really nicely but also lower abdominal connection to help lift your bump to pay up, to feel like you’re lighter in your back and weighted off your back.

And then moving up to your shoulders and your back. These are really important muscles on your back to strengthen around your armpits and your shoulders, because as you start to get bigger in your chest and also postnatally you’re going to be breastfeeding and holding your baby.

And so you’re going to need those strong back muscles to feel like you’re supporting rather than hunching over.