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I want to go back to the basics to help you understand how to take control of both your fertility health and your overall health – and that starts with taking a closer look at your period. 

Looking at our period health and more importantly if and when we ovulate will be fundamental in helping us understand and optimise our fertile window when it comes to trying to conceive. We are entering a new era where it is no longer considered inappropriate to discuss and be aware about our period health. Period applications have helped to normalise the discussion, and it’s no longer considered to be something that should be talked about in hushed voices or something we need to be embarrassed about. So let’s see what your cycle and period is trying to tell you, sometimes in a whisper and sometimes it’s a roar. 

Lara Briden tells us your period is like your monthly report card. What does she mean by that? She explains that a healthy period should arrive smoothly, regularly and be asymptomatic. However if your overall health is out of balance your period may show signs and symptoms that will be far from regular, smooth or asymptomatic. This information can be utilised each month to demonstrate what may or may not be out of balance and help illuminate where we need to start in order to bring your cycle back to normal. So let’s dive into some interesting period facts. 

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