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This is a question that I hear often, especially if the expectant mom doesn’t have anyone around her who is breastfeeding and doesn’t know what to expect. Often, what one needs to do to prepare for anything baby related seems to mean “what do I need to buy?” as evidenced by baby showers, baby fairs, registries and such. Pregnant families are bombarded with ads for special pillows, feeding supplies, ointments, pumps, bottles, nipples, pacifiers etc. The truth is that none of these things are necessary. This is the beauty of nursing your infant. You have what it takes to make milk and your baby has what it takes to get milk from your breasts. The less we interfere with that, the better. (Of course, there is a small percentage of women who may not make enough milk, but this is rare). 

My favorite way to explain how breastfeeding works is this: Think about how long humans survived without bottles or nipples or pacifiers or pillows. Artificial breast milk (formula as we know it) was developed for marketing in 1929. Humans had been thriving for millions of years before that time. 

So, what do we need to feed our babies? 

We need confidence. We need to believe we can do it. The difference in my own successful and unsuccessful breastfeeding experiences was knowing that I would make it work, no matter what. Remember this: Your body made a baby! Making enough milk is the easy part. 

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