The term ‘being school ready’ is one which is spoken about frequently, especially in the build up to when a little one starts school, but what does it actually mean? You may be surprised to know that very little of it actually means being academically ready. Yes it is good for a little one to be able to recognise numbers, colours and perhaps some letters and to be able to hold a pen/pencil, but schools are really keen for new starters to:

  • Be toilet trained
  • Able to get themselves dressed and undressed
  • Recognise their name
  • Be able to socialise with other children
  • Be able to use cutlery
  • Be able to keep their things together in the classroom and start to take responsibility for their possessions
  • Follow instructions

How to be school ready

Starting school can cause anxiety for everyone (including parents and caregivers!), especially when it’s their very first day in Reception or at a new school!

Here are some top tips to hopefully ease the anxiety for everyone:

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