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Bronchiolitis largely disappeared during the Covid lockdowns, but with us all mixing again, this virus has been on the rise much earlier in Autumn than usual. We thought you'd appreciate a reminder as to what to look out for, and what to do if you suspect your little one has this common virus . . . over to Mini First Aid founder and director Kate Ball to explain how bronchiolitis affected her family:It’s the time of year for streaming colds.  School & nursery children are merrily sharing their germs with each other and still needing reminding to ‘use a tissue’ and ‘cover your mouth’ and ‘don’t sniff like that’. Oh joy.We all know how the common cold virus is spread - by coughs and sneezes transferred in the air and on our hands. That is why covering mouths when coughing and then washing hands  is so important. Whilst we know sometimes coming into contact with a cold is unavoidable, ask visitors to keep away if they have a cold, especially from babies.
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