I know there are people from all over the world watching these videos, it’s great to have you here today so what am I going to chat with you about just for a minute, the subject of tongue tie.

My name is Lisa Palladino and I’m a certified midwife and a lactation consultant, I’m in Staten Island New York, US. You know, this has become my specialty but I realise that so many people don’t understand what a tongue tie is or how it causes the symptoms that it does or what the symptoms are so I’m just going to tell you a little bit about what is a tongue tie.

You may have heard the term tethered oral tissues so tether oral tissues is abnormally formed or a tight attachment of the frenum that occurs in the mouth, they attach now in the tongue or lip to the gumline or the cheek to the gumline and sometimes these frenums are attached too tightly or in the wrong place. Because of that, they prevent the mouth or the tongue or the lips from normal function. 

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